School Outing

Welcome to fun heaven.

MontVR offers you an original school outing where your children can not only discover the fascinating world of Virtual Reality, but also enjoy our many educational, sports, creative, collaborative and really fun activities!

A day that will be filled with unforgettable memories guaranteed! When we say school outing at MontVR, we mean the best of Virtual Reality. Your children will be immersed in this wonderful world where they can have fun while learning. Meet dinosaurs, discover space, fly like a bird, drive a race car, build incredible machines without any risk and more!

In addition to virtual reality, a school outing at MontVR will offer a wide range of activities that will get your kids moving, collaborating, thinking, learning and most of all having fun during the day! Sports and educational activities, crafts, creative arts, team games and more are on the agenda for the day...

Partners: Zone Découverte

Zone Découverte, a division of Les Promotions Zone, is a travel agency and tour operator, licensed as a Quebec travel agent. We have been specializing in student group travel and the organization of activities and events in schools for over 18 years. Over the years, Zone Découverte has become the reference in the Quebec school environment. It was therefore only natural for MontVR to partner with Zone Découverte for the organization of all school group activities at MontVR.

For more information, please contact Zone Découverte at the following coordinates:
By phone : 514-990-9663
By email :
Website :