Frequently Asked Questions

Bookings are done online, through our website, by clicking on BOOK NOW! They are RECOMMENDED to ensure availability during your visit. You can see availabilities for each store in real time on the booking page. Minigolf cannot be reserved and is offered on a first come, first served basis.
If you need to modify or cancel a booking, please do so at least 24 hours prior to your booking for a full refund. Bookings modified or cancelled less than 24 hours in advance will receive a store credit. If the time of your reservation has passed, it’s not possible to obtain a credit or a refund.
Gift cards are never refundable, but they have absolutely no expiry date!
The vaccine passport is no longer required at MontVR locations.
Each activity has a different minimum age requirement depending on its difficulty. Please respect the following minimum age requirements for each activity:

  • VR Gaming Station: 8 years old
  • VR Escape Room: 10 years old
  • Arizona Sunshine Free Roaming: 10 years old
  • The Corsair’s Curse Free Roaming: 13 years old
  • Ghost Patrol in Free Roaming: 10 years old
  • VR Escape Room in Free Roaming: 10 years old
  • MissionX in Free Roaming: 8 years old
  • VR Racing Simulator: 13 years old
  • Home rental - VR system: 8 years old
  • Minigolf: 4 years old
  • Axe Throwing: 14 years old, minors must be accompanied by an adult
Please note that our staff cannot be present to guide your child through games, though we will make our best efforts to be available when the store isn’t busy. Therefore, we ask that you understand that it may be difficult for your child to fully enjoy the games if they cannot pay attention to the tutorials and instructions. Our staff reserves the right to cancel sessions in cases where a child doesn't meet the age requirement.
Our staff can help you with connecting to a Multiplayer game with your friends, fix any issues you may experience but we cannot be available to guide you through games. Video games can be complex and you should be prepared to read instructions, play through the tutorial and use your curiosity to play through the games.
Yes, we recommend arriving 15 minutes early to ensure that your session starts on time and you get all the play time you paid for. If you arrive too close to your booking, you may lose play time as the next time slots may be booked by other customers. As an example, if your booking is for 1PM and you arrive at 1:10PM, your session will have to end at 2PM to make room for the next customer with a booking for 2:10PM. We thank you for your understanding.
During winter months, we ask customers to take off their winter boots to avoid getting water and snow on the floor and in the stations. It is recommended to bring indoor shoes or thick socks with you.
You can play all of our games directly from your station. Visit Games for a list of all our available games.
Yes, we offer mobile VR equipment location for personal use, corporate events, team building activities and more. Contact us here Services
Yes. The multiplayer mode is a must try! Some games will let you play with up to 9 friends for a total of 10 players together. Go to Games for a complete list of available games and multiplayer options.
Group activities are available at every MontVR center. We offer a vast array of unique VR experiences in store, at home or at your office, covering all your corporate or private event needs (birthdays, parties, team building, etc.)
Please check each centre’s hours by clicking on the store’s link.
Birdly, offered only at our Trois-Rivieres location, is a bird flight experience you can try on its own for $9.99. The simulation lasts roughly 3 minutes, but it makes for a moment you will remember for a lifetime. For more information, visit Birdly®
No. One station can fit one person at the time (1 person = 1 station) for minimum 1 hour, and sharing is prohibited.
Yes, you can play any game from our roster within your station and change the game yourself directly from your VR headset, as often as you like.

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