Press Release

MontVR announces the arrival of the Birdly®, the only device that lets you fly like a real bird... in Virtual Reality!

Montreal, Nov 20th 2017 - The Birdly® has landed at MontVR. With only a dozen Birdly® in operation around the entire world, MontVR is proud to claim this Canadian first and it hopes to reach new heights with what has been dubbed the “closest thing to flying like a bird”. It truly is a perfect example of where technology can take us!

This prohibitively expensive device is now within everyone’s reach with flights starting at just $9.99. In just a few days of testing at the MontVR Centre at 4605 St-Denis St., the Birdly® launched hundreds of flyers into an unforgettable experience that we have been only dreaming about for millennia.

The MontVR Birdly® will be travelling to other MontVR centres around the province, starting with the brand-new location downtown Montreal at Alexis Nihon shopping centre from December 9th. It will also make appearances at corporate events and festivals. Those wanting to provide their event with the ultimate immersive bliss that is the Birdly® may contact MontVR at , or through

See you soon in the real world...