COVID-19 Information Page

2020-09-30 Update. Still here and safer than ever!

Please note that MontVR centres remain open even in red zones. We are aware of the fears that this situation might bring up, but we want to reassure you that our sanitation standards are extremely high and we have invested in equipment that is certified to kill the COVID-19 causing virus. We can say without a doubt that MontVR centres offers the safest entertainment in Quebec.

MontVR takes the current pandemic very seriously and we are going above and beyond what the authorities are requiring to keep you safe and reduce the odds of transmission inside our stores. We want our centres to be as clean and safe as possible in normal times and in pandemic times. This is a brief overview of our sanitary measures.

Yes, MontVR is open! Please check our Centres page to see which stores are open at any given moment.

The truth is that anything you do in life has a certain level of risk, whether it is driving a car, crossing a street or eating at a restaurant. Our goal is to limit the risk to the minimum possible by taking steps to ensure our staff and customers are protected at all times. We wholeheartedly believe that MontVR is the safest indoor entertainment you can do because each station is its own quarantine zone (2.5 meters x 2.5 meters with walls). Even before the pandemic, social distancing was the norm at MontVR 😉

Absolutely. Disinfecting touch surfaces often, not allowing people with symptoms to enter the premises, masks throughout the common areas, social distancing at all times, hand sanitizer throughout the facilities, etc - we do it all… and a lot more as you will see below.

From its inception almost four years ago, MontVR has been using disinfectant to clean headsets and controllers. This method would be enough to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 infection but we wanted to do a lot more to protect our employees and especially the reason we exist, our customers. Without you, our dream of taking people on a fantastical journey inside Virtual Reality would be just… a dream.

We have implemented a sanitizing process that utilizes UV-C rays (just like hospitals use) to disinfect anything that will touch your face and head. The headset is disinfected along with the front and back covers and once the front and back covers have been disinfected they are placed in a plastic bag and sealed, ensuring they do not get contaminated. The manufacturer of our UV-C machines recently completed testing for SarsCov2 at a level 3 lab in New Mexico and the report clearly shows that our machines eradicates COVID-19 in under 1 minute on plastics and up to 99.999% on N95 masks in 2 minutes.

Yes, but you can remove it once you are in your station. You are alone in there and protected by walls.

Please send us a note and we will proactively contact others who may have had contact with you on the day you visited. No personal information whatsoever will be given, we will simply inform other clients and advise them to follow health authorities’ guidelines to get tested. The same applies if a staff member tests positive - we will proactively inform customers who might have had contact with that employee. We’re all in this together!

Not really… we want you to know that we take this seriously and will always do our very best to keep you safe. While we can’t promise 100% that there is no risk in our stores, we can promise we’ll do everything to bring the risk to a minimum.


The MontVR Family